Monday, September 8, 2008

I cannot wait to start blogging so here it goes
I am going to start in with issues and how i resolved them

Paying Taxes and taking Tax deductions.......
Holy cow this is the biggest challenge to me
I am not a fan of paying taxes......
I am a republican and a federalist in my beliefs
I would like to minimize my taxes in any way along with my parner MEL
I am in a business that has very low overhead.
I do product design specialising in products to be injected molded as the manufacturning methode.
I am currently operating as a sole proprietorship but will incorporate as an S corp soon.
I work out of my home in an office in my garage.
So tax deductions are scarce.
Any ideas?

American businesses I have worked for have been free with there tax deductions and taken personal advantage of them with little recorse from the IRS.
I am so tempted.......
I need to resolve all my deductions with MEL before I can take them.
more to follow

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