Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello all

Today I am struggleing with my current employer at my part time job.
I received a note to clean up my desk and remove personal pictures from the walls arround my desk.
I over reacted and removed every single Item making my cubical look like no one works there.
I am having trouble with pride and athourity today and makes me long to do nothing but work all the time at my business.
My business can support my family at this time but I need the insurance from my employer.
bye for now

Monday, September 8, 2008

I cannot wait to start blogging so here it goes
I am going to start in with issues and how i resolved them

Paying Taxes and taking Tax deductions.......
Holy cow this is the biggest challenge to me
I am not a fan of paying taxes......
I am a republican and a federalist in my beliefs
I would like to minimize my taxes in any way along with my parner MEL
I am in a business that has very low overhead.
I do product design specialising in products to be injected molded as the manufacturning methode.
I am currently operating as a sole proprietorship but will incorporate as an S corp soon.
I work out of my home in an office in my garage.
So tax deductions are scarce.
Any ideas?

American businesses I have worked for have been free with there tax deductions and taken personal advantage of them with little recorse from the IRS.
I am so tempted.......
I need to resolve all my deductions with MEL before I can take them.
more to follow

Introduction to the world

Hello world
My name is Kevin and I want to share my experience with anyone interested in all things related to operating a business in America as a Christian.
I have started a few businesses and one has failed.
I am trying to do all things above board with my partner Mel
I will be posting here my struggles and how God works through me in my business.